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Lanyard and Zipper Pull Combo - Shark with Blue/White Paracord

Lanyard and Zipper Pull Combo - Shark with Blue/White Paracord

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Custom lanyard and bead with matching paracord zipper pull combo are both stylish and functional.

Custom lanyards are great for knives, keychains, or even flashlights. Lanyards make it easy to pull an item from your pocket and also add style. High-quality paracord will last forever and the unique handmade bead makes you stand out in the crowd.

Paracord zipper pulls are a great option for backpacks, gear bags, hoodies, jackets, or anything with a zipper. Whether you're looking for increased visibility or ease of grip these zipper pulls will do the trick. Available in several colors, each pair of zipper pulls come precut and ready to assemble. Slide the paracord through the zipper and insert into the plastic gripper and squeeze it closed and they are ready for use.

 Custom color options are available, please reach out if you are looking for specific color combos. We can make lanyards and zipper pull combos in your chosen colors.

All paracord products are crafted using high-quality paracord Made in America. 

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